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  • December 29, 2014

It is your time…

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It is your time…

Are you ready?

Have you decided?

What will the outcome be for you and your business in 2015?

How will you feel leading into Christmas about the results you have achieved, the time you spent with you family and the nourishing of your own soul?

Will you be able to count the moments on one hand that you experienced happiness or will joy have ingrained itself into your every day?

What have you decided what exactly it is that you want?

If the outcome is still unclear and you know the time is right now to create change then email me to find out more and to establish if you are a good fit for the first 2015 Group Mentoring Program.

Journey to Self-7The program will create change, enable clarity, and give you an opportunity to invest in the greatest asset in your life and business; you.

1The content will include 6 steps, bonus content, and a unique balance of group learning and individual transformation.

If this sounds like you and you are ready to act now you will save $400 by committing to the process before Jan 1st.

Email on kath@integratedheart.com.au to enquire and establish if you are the right applicant.. Numbers limited..

Look forward to hearing from you x

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