Growth and opportunities

There are three workshops on offer this year so there is something for everyone.

CONNECT // Journey to Self Workshop

Are you looking to create some time to get clear on what is next? Reconnect with whey you began this path in the first place? Hundreds of women have been through this workshop and many have come back a second time to recalibrate and take stock on where they are and where they want to be.

CONVERT // Authentic Selling Workshop

Through this workshop you will gain an understanding of how language and behaviour can impact your ability to build rapport and gain trust of those who are looking to buy your goods or services. This workshop is an opportunity to connect with a great understand of how you can see the needs of others and how they may differ from your own natural style of connection.  Be conscious in your approach to communication with prospects and your audience and your growth in you and your business results will astound you.

COLLABORATE // Presenting with Purpose

Learn the skills of connecting with an audience on stage, through a webinar and in a meeting. The strategy is the same, yes it can be taught and you yes you too can engage and communicate your message with ease.

These events will be run on the Surf Coast, Geelong, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Stay tuned for further details.