Real connections and meaningful conversation is what you are craving..

The Supper Club is a regular and exclusive event for women to come together and nourish the need for deep conversation. It’s an opportunity to expand our minds by being in the presence of other smart women, together thinking and conversing though topics.

Many women I speak to are craving deeper conversations, an opportunity to connect to topics that are not discussed at your average Saturday night dinner party. Kath Essing, IH Founder

Supper Club is a social environment paired with delicious food and wine, a place to partake in conversations that challenge us and stretch our thinking.

Through hearing other people’s responses, we might be emotionally challenged or touched, allowing for our own perception of the world to be stretched.

From here we can begin to think about where we’re at in our own lives and where we want to be.

Don’t be fooled, this is not only for conversation sake, real connection are made in this space that can allow for incredible collaborations in business.

These events will be run on the Surf Coast, Geelong and in Melbourne.

Stay tuned for further details.