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A little about Kath Essing

Kath Essing, the founder of Integrated Heart

Effective communication in business, self leadership and presentation skills are the primary focus at IH.

Why?  So we can ensure that your business is getting the desired results and generating new opportunities that are inline with who you are behind your brand.

My mission is to instill confidence in individuals to speak their truth so that they can create a positive impact on the world.

Kath Essing is the founder of Integrated Heart and has had over 15 years of business consultancy work prior to starting her own business 7 years ago.

It was the birth of her first child, which motivated the change, as the weekly interstate travel just wasn’t an option for her.

My years of consultancy, training and facilitation within the finance and mining sector have enabled a harmonious and ironic blend with my education in life coaching presentation skills and NLP.

The marrying of all this experience has enabled a unique skill set and perception for my clients and the businesses I work with.

I am a complex contrast of terms, a professional woman, living at the beach, craving sand under my feet, but I love wearing high heels.

I love good coffee but drink herbal tea all day.

I have a deep desire for stimulating conversation, but silence and stillness can be the favourite part of my day.

I help professionals find their voice so they can speak their truth but more importantly listen to others who are doing the same.

I teach them how to be selfish in order to give back.

I love colour but I mostly wear black…

It can be very isolating when you’re in a business big or small so whether it is a one day workshop, a 3 day event or a 3 month mentoring program Kath is passionate about facilitating an environment for participants to learn and grow while supporting each other along the way.

If we’re happy, things are easier in our business, and if things are going well in our business, it’s easier to be happy.